From Landrun to Landmark,
Guthrie is Oklahoma's Magic City
At noon on April 22, 1889, cannons
marked the beginning of "Harrison's
Hoss Race" the opening of the
unassigned lands to settlers. On
that day, in a matter of a few hours
Guthrie was born and became home
overnight to 10,000 people who
wanted the chance to make their
home on the fertile prairie land of
what would later become the State
of Oklahoma.

On that day, now celebrated as
'89er Day, Guthrie became one
of the largest cities west of the
Mississippi. Within a few months
this "Queen of the Prairie" was a
marvel built of red brick and native
sandstone. For the early residents
there was municipal water, theater,
electricity, a mass transit system
and underground parking garages
for horses and carriages.

In 1907 when Oklahoma became
the forty-sixth state, Guthrie was
a gracious and elegant city worthy
of its Capital status with imposing
buildings and an active social and
economic climate that would rival
larger cities.

Statehood however, brought
political struggles that would
end Guthrie's days as the Capital.
With the state government moving to
Oklahoma City, Guthrie's economic
base disappeared. With the state
government gone, there was no
business or industrial development
to take its place. Sadly, the city
slipped into a deep sleep that
would last seventy years.
Today, thanks to people of vision,
Guthrie is alive and well and once
again, a bustling city! Because the
preservation and restoration of
her many beautiful buildings are
priorities, Guthrie can live up to her
historical reputation as a truly "Magic

Guthrie has been honored with many
designations that help attract
an estimated 250,000 visitors each
year. She is the largest contiguous
Historic District on the National
Register of Historic Places and, in
2004 was one of the National Trust
for Historic Preservation's
Distinctive Destinations
. Guthrie is
a National Historic Landmark. The

Historic District contains 2,169
buildings, 1,400 acres and 400 city

There are many exciting festivals
and celebrations in Guthrie each year
drawing visitors from all over the world.  
And, in addition to the Oklahoma

Frontier Drug Store Museum there
are other interesting museums, a
wide variety of shops and eateries,          
golf, rodeo and extraordinary
live theater venues.                             

The First Capital Trolley conducts
an informative narrated tour of the
Historic District year round.

Plan to visit Guthrie soon and enjoy the
Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum,
The Apothecary Garden and the magic

of our beautiful city!
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