Plants and herbs have been used as health aids for as long
as man has roamed the planet.

The Chinese used herbs to help balance "yin and yang" and in
Hindu culture, the Ayruvedic system of medicine and prolonging
life has relied on plants for centuries as a prime source for treating
illness and maintaining good health. Long before Europeans came to
America, Native cultures in North America used plants and herbs in
ceremonial rituals and for a variety of cures and treatments.

As an organized effort, however, Benedictine Monasteries in the
middle ages were the first to establish gardens cultivated specifically
for the study of the therapeutic effects of plant life.  In each monastery
there was to be a garden dedicated to herbs and medicinal plants
and a monk who was well educated and experienced in the healing
arts. The garden was surrounded by high walls or cloisters to protect
the valuable herbs from harm or possible misuse. These were among the
first Apothecary Gardens.

The modern Apothecary Garden is still a source of healing plants and
herbs and the active pursuit of benefits from the botanical gifts from
the earth is a fascinating combination of medical technology and the
ancient arts of medicinal botany.  
214 West Oklahoma
Guthrie, OK 73044   

405 282-1895
The Apothecary Garden is dedicated to
the cultivation and study of medicinal
herbs and plants and serves as a
restful park and relaxation area for the
downtown Historic District of Guthrie.
As it's Silver Anniversary project, the Oklahoma
Pharmacy Heritage Foundation and the Oklahoma
Frontier Drugstore Museum envisioned a spectacular
Apothecary Garden on the west side of the Oklahoma
Frontier Drugstore Museum.

Completed in 2006 the long awaited Apothecary
Garden is now celebrating the seasons and
is a delightful addition to the many enjoyable
sights and sounds in Historic Guthrie!

A formal dedication and ribbon cutting was held
on May 18, 2006 with dignitaries and visitors
from throughout the country.

Since Oklahoma's Centennial Summer in 2007 the
Apothecary Garden has grown and prospered filling
Guthrie with color, texture and delicious fragrances.

As a part of The Oklahoma Centennial Celebration,
a generous group of dedicated Guthrie citizens came
together to raise nearly $40,000 to give Guthrie its
own OK Centennial Clock. The Clock stands as the
centerpiece in the Apothecary Garden.