Early in the 1970s, pharmacist Ralph Enix and several of his
colleagues began an ambitious project to provide a venue
for the collection, preservation and sharing of artifacts and
information relevant to the pharmacy and medical health
professionals in the state of Oklahoma.

The project culminated in the establishment of the Oklahoma
Frontier Drugstore Museum, located in the Historic District of
the First Capital of Oklahoma, Guthrie.
The Museum opened in 1992, and is managed by the Oklahoma
Pharmacy Heritage Foundation, Inc. Located in the downtown Historic
District in the beautiful Gaffney Building,
The museum is currently
celebrating its 2
9th anniversary. Pam Ekiss, longtime resident
of Guthrie, is the
curator and manager.

The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum collections reflect
the history of pharmacy and medicine in the 19th and 20th
centuries in the Oklahoma and Indian Territories and the State
of Oklahoma. The artifacts and ephemera exhibited in the
Museum were coincident with the westward migration of
pioneers, shopkeepers, families and pharmacists as well as
a host of other health care providers who populated the
frontier regions of the United States.

To celebrate its Anniversary, The Oklahoma Pharmacy Heritage
Foundation initiated a campaign to aid the funding of an Apothecary
Garden located on the Museum grounds. The Garden opened in the
late spring of 2006 as a fitting memorial to the pioneers who settled
the Territories and a welcome addition to the historic flavor of
downtown Guthrie and the State of Oklahoma.        
The late Ralph Enix
on the right, founder
of the Oklahoma
Frontier Drugstore
Museum and
Bob Dishman,
Past President of the
Oklahoma Pharmacy
Heritage Foundation.
(Photo taken in 1992)
The Oklahoma Frontier
Drug Store Museum is
located in the Gaffney
 (1890) at
214 West Oklahoma
Street in Historic Guthrie,

The Apothecary Garden is
located adjacent to the
Museum and provides
a restful setting for visitors
to relax and enjoy the lush
garden. Public rest rooms
are available on the
premises in the
Guthrie Pavilion.
Curator, Pam Ekiss pictured here with her
dad, the late Mark Ekiss continue a family
tradition at the Museum. Pam, along with
local volunteers are always available for
tours for schools and organizations
throughout the year.

Visitors can enjoy the collections at their own
pace, read about the
many artifacts and
. . .this museum is hands-on! Visitors may
handle most of
the exhibits and get a feel for
the actual
artifacts in the displays. Get a
look at the lives of your ancestors!

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The Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum
is a 501(C)(3) operated by The Oklahoma
Pharmacy Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Copyright 2013 Oklahoma Heritage
Foundation, Inc.